How to make a YouTube video go viral

Just like the rest of the vloggers and other people out there, you too are wondering what elements do they need to supply to make your YouTube video go viral. Have you read about which types of videos get viral? Here are 7 Types of Viral YouTube Videos to give you an idea which one you should be making.


Today, YouTube remained as the world’s second largest search engine, which makes it the third most visited site on the Web. This means that if you’re not incorporating your video in the social media platform, you’re missing the biggest opportunity available for your video. So to answer the question, how do you make a YouTube video go viral anyway? In this article is a list of elements you need to consider to make that video popular.


4 Things to Consider in Making Your YouTube Video Go viral


YouTube Content1.Content

Depending on what type of video you’re planning to create, make sure you are able to produce a high-quality video. Keep it quick, usually under a 2-3 minute long. A video which is too long is too much to keep your audience watching. And no matter how much effort you have exerted in filming, always make sure that the content is worth watching and worth sharing.



2. Title & SEO

For new vloggers, SEO might sound to techy and complicated to take in. However, it plays a vital role in making your video popular. To do this, choose one main focus keyword and incorporate it in creating the title and description of your video.



3. Promotion

Before people randomly find your video in YouTube’s suggested videos, you must first initiate the sharing. Promoting your video with Facebook and YouTube ads is a wise investment, and you can get a lot of exposure without having to pay a fortune.



4. Welcome your audience Welcome audience

Your settings on YouTube should allow your viewers to vote, comment, rate, and embed your video on their sites. I am always amazed at the number of people who go to the trouble of creating a video and then work against themselves by limiting viewer access. So if you want people to talk about your video, allow everything. You may not be able to filter the negative comments. However, these are inevitable, and it’s part of becoming viral.



Not being aware enough to the needs of your target audience, and instead of thinking you know best, is not such a good thing. You should follow trends, try to be timely, and focus on what is going to be entertaining to a particular group of people.


According to a source “If you don’t have a strong shareable concept that’s executed well, the video is going to tank.” So it’s back to step one – figure out what the YouTube audience wants based on what they’re already watching and sharing, then re-purpose the techniques for yourself.

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