Why are Marketers Crazy about Buying Facebook Likes?

It’s no secret that Facebook Likes are an indicator of a good online presence. A page that has tons of likes tend to become more visible on the user’s newsfeed. Moreover, it also encourages other users to like that page and share it with their network of friends.

With all the rage about buying Facebook likes nowadays, marketers use this tactic because it’s able to bring them results. 

Why are marketers crazy about buying likes for their brand?


One of the reasons why marketers buy likes is because it helps them establish an online presence for their brand. Businesses, particularly new ones, will have a hard time gaining traction on if they don’t have enough likes. Typically, there’s a connection between brand popularity and the number of likes.


A brand that has thousands of likes are deemed by users as a popular brand – something that’s worthy to follow and can provide them with an interesting content. In order for a new brand to be considered as something worth following, one of the indicators that users look at is the number of likes or followers it has.


Another reason why marketers buy likes is that Likes help their posts appear more often on the top of the user’s’ newsfeed. As users see your post on their newsfeed upon logging in, they are more likely to like, comment, or share your content. This leads to customer engagement, which is helpful for gaining, even more, likes from your target audience.


Lastly, buying Facebook likes is a cost-effective method that provides results in a short period of time. This is opposed to traditional Facebook marketing strategies that often take several weeks or months to have a noticeable effect. Moreover, such strategies usually cost a few hundreds or even thousands of dollars.


Final Thoughts

As a cost-effective method, it’s no wonder why a lot of marketers buy likes. A lot of new brands are interested in following the practice too; however, one should be careful and do some research as most of the accounts providing the likes are fake and hacked accounts. There’s no doubt that this tactic can get you the number of likes in no time, but knowing both the pros and cons is always the best thing to do before you finally make that step.

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