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Facebook 5 star rating packages to help your business

Recently Facebook has rolled out a new feature to help potential customers see the credibility of your business before purchasing your products or services. The importance of this is obvious, giving you the chance to either shine in the eyes of the Facebook community or cause serious damage to your brand with only a quick glance. At Buy Real Marketing we have a comprehensive Facebook 5 star package to help set you off in the right direction, giving your company page the strength it needs to compete successfully with your competition. Using our industry experience and contacts we can build your solid social presence, providing you with an long list of 5 star ratings to give you that instant credibility that you desire and need. It has never been easier!

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We have customers who have become famous because of our service and they keep bringing business to our doorstep. We cannot give their account information though because we respect confidentiality and value your privacy.

How does this help?

In the modern on-line world people will on average spend only 3 seconds browsing your information before making a decision. Anything less than a 5 star rating on your Facebook profile will immediately raise red-flags, giving your potential customer a reason to flick away from your page and spend their money elsewhere. We can provide you with the 5 star ratings that you need, giving your company that boost that it deserves.

By purchasing our service you too can promote your Facebook page without spending a fortune. Simply choose from our wide range of service packages before heading to the checkout. You will then have to provide us with a link to your Facebook profile. Once you have placed your order and paid for the amount, you can relax and start watching your 5 star ratings arrive. It only takes up to 48 hours! Paypal and all major Credit Cards are accepted.

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I benefit from buying Facebook 5 star ratings?

You might find that your company is constantly being overlooked, or that one negative rating is holding you back. Whatever your reason for looking into Facebook 5 star ratings, we can give you the needed authority to successfully promote your brand, company and even yourself.


When do I see the numbers?

We have a lot of orders on our plates but we make sure that we deliver within the promised time. A couple of days after buying, you can see an increase in your follower count.


How do I pay?

PayPal and the major credit cards via PayPal are our accepted platform. Dealing with money via PayPal is very secure and easy for both parties. We like our customers to feel safe when buying from us and we do not want them to be hassled.


Will Facebook block me?

As with our experience, Facebook will not block or reprimand you. However, they will be eliminating some inactive Facebook accounts. This is nothing to worry about as we will replenish your ratings when there is a drop in your count.


Do you offer a service guarantee?

Yes, in fact we offer an 100% money back guarantee. We want our customers to be happy and share their awesome experience with others. If issues arise, you can always contact us and we will be happy to help you out.

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