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Why Integrate Instagram Video in Your Marketing Campaign?

Businesses and artists nowadays use visual-based platforms like Instagram to showcase their products, services and talents. Although lodging high-quality photos have been Instagram’s strongest edge, the photo-sharing platform has now taken into consideration the integration of moving pictures and interactive videos. Since the use of moving imageries is now a trend,it is no longer surprising why more and more businesses and artists are using Instagram video viewsas a part of their social media marketing campaign.

Instagram is a Great Avenue to Build Your Reputation

Instagram video is a more interactive way for people to explore an artist’s or business’ visual identity. Moreover, a good number of people usually base their judgement, whether you are worthy of their time or not, to the total number of Instagram video views you have. Apparently, people associate your video view count to how credible your business is or how reputable you are as an artist.

You can Post Video Ads up to 60 Seconds Long

What better way to advertise your business than to advertise it using interactive video ads? A study shows that about 88% of people spend more time on a page with video posts as compared to those with just plain texts and pictures. Instagram allows businesses to post video ads of not more than 60 seconds. This is more than enough time to introduce, announce, or promote your business or share and flaunt your talent to your followers. The more interactive your ads are, the more appealing they are to your target market.

There is a High Chance of Attracting Brand Content and Content Producers

Have you ever wondered why Instagram video views count is now added in the videos? This is a strategic move to attract more content producers and brands. Instagram is a favorite place for advertisers to look for potential brand ambassadors. If you are an aspiring blogger who aims to attract the attention of advertisers, then it is high time for you to mind the number of views your videos have. The more views your video has, the more you can monetize from it. Buy Instagram video views and attract more content producers, enjoy wider popularity, andgenerate more revenue.

Why Buy Instagram Video Views from Buy Real Marketing?

There are various social media marketing providers out there, but only few can give you the best value. If you are looking for ways on how to get Instagram video views that are authentic and with SEO value, then Buy Real Marketing is the perfect place for you. Here are 7 more reasons to choose our services:


Reliable Social Media Marketing Provider

Buy Real Marketing is a trusted supplier of social media needs in boosting clients’ online presence, which is one of the most important factors to gain popularity and make your brand known. Our long years of expertise have made cemented our credibility in the industry.


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We offer a budget-friendly, quality service. We deliver the results that you want and increase Instagram video views that you need to capture the widest attention. You don’t have to worry about Instagram banning you from the site; this method is already tested and proven to be effective.


Fast Delivery of Results

We increase your Instagram video views count and deliver your desired results fast. While it takes others a couple of months to see results, we make sure that you will get the exact outcome that you want in just a matter of days and weeks.


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We do what we promise—that’s the core of our mindset. However, if you happen to feel unhappy with the result, we offer a 100% money back guarantee contract. This compels us to spend hours of hard work to ensure your satisfaction. For full details, check our refund policy


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