About Buy Real Marketing

Our Background

Buy Real Marketing (aka BRM) started from humble beginnings. Early on, we ran our own ecommerce site and struggled to get the right traction online. Social media started to be used more and more by businesses and brands. We got in early and figured out the game ourselves with long hours and hard work.

Our first venture into helping other business aside from our own was small and modest. We offered social media as a key component to getting more traffic from Google. Google was starting to give hints that your rankings were linked to social media signal and influence on these platforms.

As a small company, and with our core clients, we also saw the growing need for people to fast track credibility online to compete with bigger brands, retailers and entertainment companies. Social media services and a deep focus on offering value through better customer service set us apart in the early days.

In 2009, we became the very first online company to offer performance based social media services.

While everyone was struggling to find a social media expert that would live up to the promise of more fans, followers and views for a monthly fee, we began to offer lower cost packages with a promised delivery in a promised timeframe.

We are a young, smart and talented team of web experts - I won't downplay our place in the market. Our brand has lived on for 4 years and we're proud of that. We have a customer happiness rate of about 97%. We measure our customer satisfaction rates every month with simple surveys, response times, quality of customer service and delivery promises. None of our competitors foster their customers like we do. We want you to succeed and our content, emails and blog are proof of this.

Take a quick look at our competitors, very few put the time and effort to really service the clients, few of them even consider the quality of design and user experiences. We pay attention to customers and detail. We are in it to help you grow your audience and your online sales. That's our promise.

Why Choose Us


Our staff has over 100 years of collective experience in the online and music marketing industry. We know what's up.


We are constantly evolving our methods. We understand the hardships of getting started online and how to stay up to date for the benefit of you, our customer.


We provide killer customer service because we can. Our customer experience clan is ready to help you with your questions anytime. "psst..we give them the power to solve your problems on the spot."