Why Choose Buy Real Marketing

You don't care about us, we know that. But we do care about you a lot. Not just because you bring in the profits but also because we are just like you who wants to prove something to the world. You see the famous practice to pay to get followers on Twitter or YouTube views aren't that all glamorous. It has its good side and its bad side. The good side is the fact that you can get out there and be among those with the potential to make it, make it BIG! That is unless you want to stay nonexistent, an ignored wanna-be music artist, entrepreneur, producer, publisher, fashion enthusiast and whoever you may want to become.

So let's just say, we are introducing ourselves to you because we want you to know how we can help you:

  1. Be visible online, have web presence or whatever it's called right now.

  2. Crush tough competition in your industry.

  3. Have a fighting chance to become popular online.

  4. Get out of the sad state your business or career is into.

Buy Real Marketing is an online marketing company specialized in web 2.0 business applications such as social media marketing and dynamic projects. Each online project is aimed to boost the social profiles of individuals in the internet community especially those who wants to know how to increase YouTube views or increase Twitter followers. The company just recently catered to SoundClouders who want to increase SoundCloud plays to their music, podcasts and other audio recordings.

Now wait! We shouldn't forget about the murky side of this rampant practice. Even our company admits how this marketing strategy has its downside. Do you know that there are three types of followers, plays and views? Yep. Perhaps your mind is working busily right now and you may be right on what you are thinking.

The three types are: REAL, FAKES and a mix of BOTH. The best and ideal type is the real supply while the worst supply is the 100% fake. Mixing both puts the social profile account in a gray but effective area.

Real supply goes through a very rigorous process of online marketing. This includes link building, promotions through blogging, ad targeting and other numerous strategies that tap a massive network of partner websites. With all these work, it is expected that the price is expensive and the campaign will last a good long while. It may even require a continuous marketing process to sustain.

Fake supply, as what have been said, is the worst supply when you want to get YouTube views or Twitter followers. Learning the ways on how to get YouTube views or get Twitter followers will help you understand why profiles often have fake information. It's because they are all bot-generated. What do you mean by bot-generated? It means that the suppliers use some bot software to automate the creation of thousands and even millions of Twitter profiles or YouTube clicks cycle. So, when you think a 100,000 people watched your video, they are more likely only 100 of them, that's like 1% of views from what you have been promised.

Mixed supply is a little of both. Other than knowing how to buy YouTube views and Twitter followers, you also have to know which has the larger portion in the supply, the real ones or the fake ones. If it's the real ones then that has a better chance to help you achieve your goals. But if it's the fake ones, then you have a slimmer chance. So you need to make an effort at promoting yourself to get them to watch the video and then let the number help in determining your worth.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is one of the most tedious jobs that online webmasters must do. It is when you need to do some stuff so people can find you in their search. This information is especially useful for video owners.

For example, when you want to get YouTube views or push some YouTube promotion, you want to be found. Right? That means you have to be in the list of search results for the keywords that your industry belongs. That means you need to have the right keywords that best describes your video and the right place to put them (video titles, description, captions/subtitles, annotations and tags).

In the years that passed and when social media have gained much attention, many have predicted that social media signals (followers, retweets, views, likes, plays etc.) will play a big role in boosting your website or blog's position in the search results. This is because social signals are considered votes of confidence akin to website visits. Not to mention that sharing content links on social networking sites help you figure out not only how to get twitter followers or increase YouTube views but also get the content spread from one network to another. Google, which is the leading search engine in the world, thinks that this (social media signals) is an important factor in ranking websites according to relevance to give the searchers the most important result.

In which case, when people buy Twitter followers or YouTube views they are thinking not only of the impact of the huge number but also on how search engines will see this as a factor to also give them a boost. So the issue on whether they are real or not, come second to what the number means to the people who see your profile and its influence in Google.

If you find yourself in any of the situation above and feel that you have the need to support your marketing strategies, then be open to the option to buy SoundCloud plays, YouTube views or Twitter followers. But if you have enough monies to spare for expensive marketing campaigns such as placement ads and other Pay-per-click campaigns, then do so. In fact, we encourage you to do that because it helps the PPC market and of course Google. We wouldn't want Google shutting down these services because most marketing profits now goes to us, social media marketing companies, would we?

But if you are in a very tight budget that you can barely stretch, then try this strategy. It worked for many, why not for you. Think of the people you can lure and convince of your worth or the boost this will give you when they see that many buyers have trusted you. Imagine the results it will give you when you buy YouTube views for your video or buy Twitter followers.

You as a follower or a viewer can actually see the benefit without actually experiencing the other end (the profile owner). You are impressed to see someone who has a million of followers and this helps you decide to follow the person's profile as well. There is a psychology to a large follower number. For example, if celebrity A has 300,000 fans and celebrity B has 1,000,000, which of them do you think people will prefer to follow? The one who is least popular or the one who is really popular? Most of the time people judge through numbers and BIG follower count is a magnetic field that they are naturally attracted to. If you increase Twitter followers on your account, your competitor who has few followers will look cheap and unimportant. Wouldn't you want that?

How can you buy twitter followers if what truly matter is engagement to get sales? That is where these tips come in.

You will never hear this from any supplier. Did you know? A big Twitter follower or YouTube view count is not the end all and be all in achieving your goals. You still have to work on it to keep them from leaving you. A simple click on "Unfollow" will get you to lose many followers in a short time. Why? Because you neglected them and failed to live up to their expectations. What should you do then? When it comes to Twitter, you should improve your tweets by knowing what your followers find valuable.

  1. Interesting perspective about something, they know nothing about

  2. Information that makes them want to know more

  3. Witty and snarky tweets that are worth the read

  4. Only a few words that say much and are clear

  5. Personal, honest and transparent message

How can you work this out to your advantage? Just follow these simple tips:

  1. Tweet fun stuffs, cheer up someone's day

  2. Be mysterious, make your followers curious

  3. Be interesting, give your followers something to look forward to

  4. Learn about the specific need of your target market

Increasing YouTube views is another matter altogether, you don't need to construct clever lines and wrack your head thinking about what tweet will catch your target market's attention. Instead, you only have to do three things:

  1. Create a high quality video that is entertaining and informative. See the stress placed on and? That's because entertaining and informative must come together now. Not unless, yours is a music video or a cover.

  2. Do SEO on your video. The only thing that can get you to appear in search results is when you increase YouTube views or when you SEO your video perfectly. Refer to the section above entitled, The Role of SEO in Getting Online Presence. You need your main keywords and you need them to be in the right places (video titles, description, captions, tags and annotations).

  3. Spread your video links to social networks.Twitter, Google plus or wherever you think people flock to most of the time, and then you have to share your video there. Who knows people might share your video on their network of friends or followers?

Bottom line, when you buy YouTube views, you only get an edge or the upper hand among your competitors. But still, it is up to you and on what you do that will determine the success of your goal or campaign. Companies like Buy Real Marketing that allows people to buy Twitter followers or increase SoundCloud plays will only assist you in clearing the way for you to Make It Happen.

Good luck!

Buy Real Marketing clients come from different walks of life. Some are businessmen, startups, music artists, photographers, videographers, celebrities even small time reporters. They all come to Buy Real Marketing because they want two things: Popularity and Credibility.

Take this scenario of music artists who want to create an impact on their YouTube promotion strategy. If you noticed, a lot of potential singers are on YouTube waiting to be discovered by major recording labels. But the sad fact is, there are just too many of them that it's somewhat difficult to really breakthrough, unless you are endorsed by popular music artists like Lady Gaga then you might get YouTube views pouring in.

This is no different when it comes to SoundCloud. SoundCloud is a music distribution platform full of indie music artists. But the website also houses audio podcasts and other recordings member can think of creating. All these users want to get SoundCloud plays for their recordings but only a few are lucky enough to even get 500 plays in months. So it is not surprising that most of these musicians would want to buy SoundCloud plays.