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Jump-Start Your Career and Be a Social Media Star

If your ultimate goal is to become a social media sensation and an internet star, having more Facebook video views is one way to make this dream come true. Getting more video views is an integral part of being popular in social media; thus, you need a reliable and efficient social media marketing strategy.

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What is Facebook Video View and How is it Counted?


A video view on Facebook is defined as a view of three seconds or more. Unlike on YouTube that only counts views after 30 seconds of watching, the view counts on Facebook increase every time someone watches the video for at least 3 seconds. It appears for all your videos on Facebook, including those that automatically come to life as people scroll through News Feed.

Reasons to Buy Facebook Video Views Today

The more time you wasted, the more chances you lose against your competitors. There’s no denying that the virtual world is getting tougher nowadays, every missed opportunity can be a setback. Buy Facebook video views and together, let’s start building your business and turn your dreams into reality!

Promote Your Name and Brand

Are you looking for a creative and innovative way of promoting your name and brand? Getting more number of views is an efficient way to do so. Facebook Likes and Shares are not the only strategies to attract people’s interest. Buy Facebook video views for any of your Facebook video posts and see results in just a small amount of time.

Can Easily Target Consumers

Mere words and still photos may be enough to catch your target consumers’ attention, but are these enough to fully convince them and lead to more conversions? To gain more conversion, you need to target the right audience. However, you need to attract a number of customers first before reaching your intended audience. For this, a solid number of video view counts is an efficient way to tap people’s curiosity.

Money Making

If making an immense amount of profit is one of your end goals, generating huge revenues is surely possible with an impressive number of views. The more Facebook video views you have, the more chances you can monetize your video, whether it’s for business purposes or career growth. Once you earn a solid fan base, the advertisers will converge hoping to get a spot in your videos.

Boost Exposure

What better way to promote your brand and to boost your career than to maximize exposure? Buy Facebook video views and get the exposure that will give you more sure conversion and attention. The more people are aware of your brand’s existence, the more you can generate new leads for your business.

Why Choose Buy Real Marketing

There are a lot of social media marketing services out there, but be savvy and wise enough who to trust. Choose the one that can generate the best result and can give you more leverage in the long run. Buy Real Marketing is your one-stop-shop in boosting all your Facebook posts. We are a trusted name by thousands of businesses and artists worldwide to increase Facebook video views they shared on their Facebook account. As a certified social media marketing specialists, we take pride in all our effective and proactive services.

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Certified Professional and Social Media Expert

Social media marketing is our expertise. We have a team of social media professionals whose expertise have helped thousands of clients in achieving the online success that they always wanted. About 97% percent of our previous customers are satisfied with our services and only have praises and pleasant words to say.


SEO Value

Looking for ways to Increase Facebook video views and get a much higher place in organic search engine results? No worries, we’ve always got you covered. We offer credible and real SEO value to all our services, including Facebook likes, shares, comments, and video views.


100% Money Back Guarantee

We take our customers’ satisfaction very seriously. We always aim to provide you exactly what you have paid for. However, if you find our service unsatisfactory, or if you think your expectations are not met, just let us know and we will return your money back without further questions. Our money back guarantee contract is effective 60 days after your order has been delivered.


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