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Getting exposure to your audio tracks doesn’t have to be hard. Kick-start your new Soundcloud uploads with a steady stream of Soundcloud plays. Buying Soundcloud plays are a great way to increase your momentum on Soundcloud.

Get started by promoting your tracks with Buy Real Marketing. We are the leader in social media services for a reason…We can help you get that boost up in a crowded place.

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Buy Real Marketing has already helped Thousands of Artists and Business
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These are some of the SoundCloud tracks that we work on and are now getting a lot of attractions online. We can't display the actual track because here at Buy Real Marketing we value and respect all our clients' right to privacy.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What are the benefits of buying Soundcloud Plays?

Getting exposure on new tracks and new audio projects is hard. The fact that you’ve decided to use Soundcloud gives you a clear advantage. To get traction on Soundcloud is another story, but still doable with a healthy dose of purchased plays.


How long does this take?

It takes about 24 to 48 hours for the plays to start accumulating on your audio tracks. If it takes any longer than that then please get in touch with our customer service team. There can sometimes be glitches on orders but these are quickly and easily fixed.


How does this work exactly?

We generate plays from thousands of active Soundcloud accounts. With this network we are able to boost your play count safely and quickly. If you are unsure of the process then start with our lowest priced package. Every purchase has a money back guarantee.


How can I trust you?

Well, we’ve been around for a while and have managed to establish ourselves as a reputable company. If that’s not enough – you must know that all purchases are protected by your credit card company and Paypal. We’re really just here to help you get noticed by building your credibility.


Will I get subscribers, comment and ratings?

We make no guarantees. The listeners we send may not be specifically interested in what you have to offer. Use our service to boost your credibility and to kick-start your campaign, not as absolute end-all to marketing your audio files.


Doesn’t it look bad if I buy SoundCloud plays?

Your Soundcloud plays will grow quite quickly so we do recommend that people only buy soundcloud plays to kick-start their social media campaigns. We suggest that you don’t promote during the campaign so as to not raise any questions related to the quick growth of plays.

Why you should choose us?

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