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Buy Real Marketing has already helped Thousands of Artists and Business
owners by getting their YouTube videos to go Viral

These are some of the videos that we work on and are now getting a lot of attractions online.We can't display the actual video
because here at Buy Real Marketing, we value and respect all our clients' right to privacy.

  • Music Video

    Music Video

  • Brand Advertisement/Demo

    Brand Advertisement/Demo

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Become Famous! Get Thousands of Youtube Views for Your Videos!

Becoming the next viral sensation doesn’t have to be out of reach. Did you pour hours into your videos only to struggle to get the traction you hoped for?

Or maybe you’re part of an agency with a number of client videos that you are trying to promote. Buying Youtube views isn’t shady, it’s merely a way of kickstarting the popularity of awesome videos.

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Reasons to buy YouTube views

Get Thousands of YouTube Views for Your Videos


Boost Authority

If you are concerned about enhancing your online credibility, boosting your videos’ view count is utterly essential. Having high view counts is the number one factor that gets people watch a video.


Create Traction

High volume of YouTube views makes your video stand out and this creates traction. It draws people’s attention and it significantly opens more doors for your success.


Acquire Fame

If becoming a star is your ultimate dream, sharing your talent will be much more possible with an attractive amount of views. The more YouTube views you get the more rooms for fame.


Boost Search Engine Ranking

Videos can be ranked much higher on search engines if they have huge amount of views and comments. Videos are basically categorized according to popularity. Buy YouTube Views and work your way to page one.


Promote your Name or Your Brand

If you are having a marketing campaign, buying YouTube views will help you get on track and capture the market well. Multiply your site’s revenues by strengthening your promotional videos’ viewership.


Get Cash

The stronger your subscriber base, the more cash you generate. You can monetize your videos and earn from the advertisements YouTube places on your video. The wider your audience, the more money you make.

Frequently Asked Questions


How to buy YouTube views?

Just sign up at, choose a package, place an order, set the payment, and your instant YouTube views will then be delivered seamlessly.


Do you ever offer discounts?

Among all service providers all over the web, we are the only one that offers this plummeted pricing. This would be equivalent to having daily discounts. On top of these already low rates, we still go further towards giving more discounts to make everybody extra happy.


Why are your prices so low?

Social media marketing is our forte. In order to serve you better, we have done whatever we can to optimize the methods further over the past years. We have managed to keep production cost at its lowest for you to enjoy a highly effective and highly affordable service. We have increased our production volume and connections and we have reduced the production costs steadily.


Have more questions?

Our team is readily available to give you round-the-clock assistance.


Can I cancel my order?

The approval of the cancellation request comes in a case to case basis. An order can only be withdrawn if it has not been activated yet.


Can your service make me famous?

With your talent and with our expertise, we can certainly go the extra mile towards utmost popularity.


What are the benefits of buying Youtube views?

Getting traction is the main benefit. A really important secondary benefit is that your credibility increases based solely on that growing view count. View counts are the number one reason why people decide to watch a video or move on.


If I’m not happy, what happens?

We're pretty cool. We don't need or want your money if you aren't happy, or even if you change your mind. Just let us know. We're established with thousands of happy customers. In the end, we are confident that you'll love us.


How does this work exactly?

Buying Youtube views can seem a little sketchy right? I know, but we’ve been doing it successfully for years. We direct traffic from a network of existing websites and traffic sources until the video reaches its target number.


Are other people doing this?

Yes, thousands of other video creators are doing this. It’s a simple marketing strategy to help build credibility. If you have an awesome video, it will help kickstart your campaign. If you content isn’t awesome then think twice before buying views.


How do you accept payment?

We accept Paypal and all major credit cards using Paypal as a payment processor. It’s super safe and easy to buy with us. We don’t, however, accept envelopes of cash. We are working on being able to take phone orders as well.


How long does it take for the views to appear?

It will take about 24-72 hours for the views to appear on your video. In some cases, Youtube may delay the count updates because of changes on their end. We can’t control that part but ultimately, you will get what you pay for.

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