Too Busy to Manage and Grow your Facebook Fan Page Everyday?

  • Assistant
  • facebook
  • $ 149
    • 1 Facebook page
    • 2 Engaging posts/day
    • 10 Custom graphics posts/month
    • 1 Cover photo redesign/month
    • Comment moderation
  • * Cancellation must be done 2 days prior to the next billing cycle.
  • Pro
  • facebook
  • $ 249
    • 1 Facebook page
    • 3 Engaging posts/day
    • 30 Custom graphics posts/month
    • 1 Cover photo redesign/month
    • Comment moderation
  • * Cancellation must be done 2 days prior to the next billing cycle.

Troopsocial is an Affiliate Brand of BuyReal Marketing

All upcoming and current accounts are being managed by Skilled TroopSocial Social Media Professionals.

Buy Real Marketing has already helped Thousands of Artists and Business

These are some of the recent graphic posts that we work on and are now getting a lot of attractions online. We can't display the brand logos because here at Buy Real Marketing, we value and respect all our clients' right to privacy.

How can it benefit me?

Targeted or non-targeted Facebook fans, either way, your Facebook fan page gets the following benefits that create the same impact and influence to your overall marketing campaign.

Frequently Asked Questions

We will post shareable, branded graphics with your logo and website URL, facts and news about your industry, engaging comments and questions, captivating images and links back to your website, videos or blog when something new comes along. We also invite you to send us post ideas via email to the social media account manager if something new or relevant comes up.
A shareable graphic is a design that has your website and company name that we create specifically for your fanpage. It can be an inspiring quote or a funny image. With likes and shares - the images can reach different levels of viral reach, therefore getting you more exposure.
Generally, if you can get the short questionnaire back to us quickly, we can start posting within 2-3 business days.
We will submit a progress report to you (bi-weekly or monthly depending on the package you are on. Your fans will increase consistently and hopefully, that will relate to traffic to your website.
We don't have an easy way of doing this efficiently yet, but for the first weeks, we can send you our post schedule for the entire week via an excel sheet and you can edit, modify or approve the posts in the schedule.
We have a very talented team of social media experts specifically trained to be brand ambassadors. Every expert manages 5-10 pages with care and attention. Think of us as a part of your team. Our goal is to help you build you audience and drive ROI from social media.
Of course, you can post whatever you want. It's your fanpage. If you think something is relevant, fun and engaging for your fans, post away. You can also simply email your rep to post the information as well. We have interesting ways to get people to engage with even the simplest news.
We send you simple instructions on how to add us as an editor to your page. It's very simple.
We send you a questionnaire immediately after subscription confirmation. Don't worry, it's short. We use that to get a feeling for your business and brand. We have experts that will put real thought into your fanpage.
We will grow your engagement and fanbase, but we require that you have a base number of fans of at least 500. From that, we can grow organically. The promoted posts budget will also help grow your fans. We can help you build your fan base fast, but that is a separate service and requires an ad budget of at least $500. Talk to our customer service team if you are interested.
Well, if you are happy with the service - we'd love a referral! And if for some reason you aren't happy or you change your mind - we can refund you within 30 days and there are no contracts so you can cancel anytime. We just ask that you tell us why so we can use that to improve the service.