What does it take to have leverage in the computer world? To shine on Social Media, a person is required to be creative and determined to be unique.

Social media can make you a celebrity.

That’s quite true and quite not. Here’s a list of what you should not be doing if you’re pretty serious about  taking your stardom to the next level!

  • Inconsistent



The internet world is like a superhighway. Everything is moving that at some point, someone is going to hit you if you start slacking.

If you posted an article that gained attention more than expected, use the comments and critiques to make relevance in your next post. Otherwise, your shine is going to fade.


  • Skeptical



It’s only fair to worry about the consequences which you could be facing before taking risks.

But doubting your ability and capacity will only pull you down. Learn to trust in yourself and gain confidence to push things.


  1. Submissive



Being overly obedient and passive makes you nothing but ordinary. Don’t just follow the trend and belong to the many. Learn your way out.

As the saying goes, –Only dead fish swim with the current.


  • Coward



The fear of taking risks is getting you nowhere. It is no secret that the social media loves people who experiment.

Aside from celebrities and politicians, people make it to the front page by doing the impossible. Be brave and creative!


  • Predictable


Being predictable is being average. Don’t just get passed by whenever someone scrolls down and see your posts.

Be interesting! People will never notice you if you keep joining the bandwagon. If the pond is full of fish, be an octopus. Be unique and different.

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