Well, who would have thought catching creatures would be this fun!?

I personally haven’t watched all the episodes of this game in my childhood years, BUT the extreme popularity of the game just proved how people embraced and supported this trend.


The journey of Pokémon


The creation of a Pokémon  started simply as a hobby of Satoshi Tajiri. -> And then developed into a card game by Media Factory -> which later came to the Nintendo Game boy -> an anime series named The Electric Tale of Pikachu -> to many more game and anime episodes -> creation of a Monopoly board game -> and finally Pokémon Go this year!

While most find it insanely entertaining to be catching and battling Pokémon, some users expressed their criticisms of the games high battery consumption, GPS, and internet dependency quite discouraging. But anyhow, these can’t be just enough of a reason for the majority to hold back from playing such an addictive game.

Addictive. Hell Yea! Are you not indulging in this super fun activity? If not, you’re either in love or busy or BOTH!

I’m just kidding, but in case I’m wrong, cheers mi amigo! We’re a bunch of extreme players too.


See: Pokemon Go Update

Pokemon Go updates news and features mention the possibility of introducing these 5 amazing Update. The idea is just around the corner, and it’s not going to take them long to deliver.




  • Buddy Pokémon

This feature lets you pick your favorite Pokémon from your collection which you can train. It will appear alongside your Trainer avatar on your profile and will help you gain bonuses from walking together.

  • Buddy System

Since part of the game is transferring Pokémon to convert them to candies, Buddy System means catching several of the same creatures in order to build up candies.

  • Nearby Tracking

This tracking feature allows you to tap on a particular Pokemon as you will be shown which Pokestop to walk to have the best chance of catching that specific creature.

  • Battery-Saver Mode

Like what I said earlier, players especially the iOs users were alarmed after the removal of the battery-saving feature. After a couple of complaints, Niantic was able to recover the and reinstated the new update.

  • Pokémon Appraisal

The idea of Pokemon has been brought to the next level. Trainers can now identify which Pokemon has the most potential for battle. Cool isn’t it?


This game has just started dominating and everybody is loving it! Thanks to technology and innovation,  all the fun, comfort, and entertainment is within our reach! Live is short, let’s make the most of it. (Game on?)



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