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Facebook Reactions have modified the way people respond. It allowed us to use exact expressions to a certain content. This latest feature is said to be Facebook’s game changer.


Why Need Facebook Reactions?

Does anybody really like to give something and have nothing in return?

Say, when you tell someone a secret, you would want them to share something back that would weigh as much as what you told them.

Just like by the time you post something on Facebook right? You normally come to a point of wanting some sort of reaction from the audience. And from one response to another comes and builds engagement.




We all want to grow our engagement with our audience as much as we grow our Pokémon collections. And apart from the usual like button, Facebook reactions are the newest and coolest way to influence and encourage your viewers to get involved with the click-baiting issue you just posted.

There are several advantages of having more reactions to your posts, but the most direct effect that matters most would be to have better engagement.

Even before reading your posts, your Facebook Reactions will give your viewers a hunch on what they are up to. Imagine seeing a post with heavy reactions, doesn’t it trigger your curiosity and interest all at once? If yes, then it’s agreed that this is something you need.


Use of Facebook Reactions


Which suits your post best?


  • Facebook Like

A post having a fairly engaging and informative content surely deserves this post! You can use it to about any post which you agree on.

  • Facebook Love

This Facebook reaction is perfect if your post is fresh, inspiring, and moves audiences. If you’re a new brand, this could be your start to building an empire.

  • Facebook Haha

Your post is most likely funny, entertaining, and has a positive vibe. This will bring genuine smiles to your audience.

  • Facebook Wow

This is used when you’re shocked, amazed, surprised, or stunned! Surely this is something that is very irresistible to your audience.

  • Facebook Sad

Since not all posts are for entertainment, facebook sad reaction allows you to show and express compassion and concern.

  • Facebook Angry

Not all posts are meant to be like. Posts about news and awareness usually trigger our raging emotions. Plus, there’s no better way than expressing it using this reaction.


Not soon enough, I’m pretty sure you’ll have your own favorite too!

And since the number of your reactions is an indication of having a time-worthy content, give your post the boost it needs.


Time is Gold, True. But remember also that time is tissue! And it’s running out!


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