Did you ever want to record a video and thought of how it’s going to get viral and make you famous? Here’s the deal, I’ll share with you the top 7 types of videos that got popular on YouTube and you try at least 1 and then tell me if I’m right or right.(Well I’m pretty sure these are effective).


7 Types of Viral YouTube Videos (aside from music videos)




1. Product Review Videos

Google’s statistics shows that 62% of consumers watch product review videos before making a purchase. We all know that every brand exerts a different amount of effort in marketing and usually varies on strategy in promoting a product, but what has been proven most effective are product review videos. This type of video gets viral fast since it is both informative and influential.




2.  How-To Videosy15

In aiming to be acknowledged despite the vast selection of videos, you have to supply something that a lot of people need. If you’re not a talented dude who could outperform and average singer on YouTube, then forget the attempt to record a song (but there’s kind of a bit twist for this later). I strongly recommend you to make How-to videos. Searches for How-to YouTube videos have increased to 70% year-on-year.





y93. Vlogs

Vlogs or Video blogs are becoming trendy and influential on different social media networks today. The main reason would be because it serves as an online diary. People like something they can relate their feelings with. If you are either talkative, emotional, or both, then this one should be effortless for you.





4.  Gaming Videosy4

Gamers are reaching billions of followers fostering an unparalleled level of engagement. YouTube gaming videos remained to be one of the most popular videos as it assists walkthroughs, machinimas, and reviews of gaming products. This is my cousin’s favorite type of video by the way.





y35.   Comedy Videos

This is something we’re all down to in any time of the day.  Comedy has always gained massive viewers because it has no boundary in terms of its target audience. When you can’t sing/dance but produce your own music video anyway, you can still make it trendy by presenting it amusingly. People usually can’t get enough of comedy videos and always end up sharing it. (You don’t want to laugh at something alone, do you?)





6. Memes

A Meme video is a type of comedy video, but what makes it unique is that it doesn’t require a lot of budget and preparation. It is usually  about creating humor regarding a current trend, culture, or event. In fact, this one escalates extremely fast.






7.   Educational Videos

Educational videos often target specific demographics such as children, and students. This type of video gets viral as it answers thousands of questions that are both valuable and essential to the online world.




There sure are more videos you could try, but if you make any on one of the types of videos listed here, then it has the potential to organically spread over the internet. If not, you might need some really helpful strategies to promote your videos. Check out my blog update because I’ll show you how.

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