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Social media bridges anywhere around and across the world. It serves as our medium of reaching out from one side to another.


Just like a wild forest, Social media has lots of amazing features and ideas which are yet to be discovered.


We are entertained day by day with how communication and interaction evolve and comes up with brilliant ways to keep us wanting more.


Seeing different people bloom every day, you might have asked the same question which probably all of us had thought of too.


“What does it take to be somebody in social media?”


Well, we all are somebody. We all are different and unique in so many ways. But internalizing the question in the computer world, it actually means


“What does it take to be famous in social media?”




Well, except if you are already a celebrity, your photo or lifestyle gets plastered all over the internet whether it is about an achievement or scandal.


Everything you do is a big deal and it draws people’s attention fast. Are you a celebrity? Yes? No? Maybe?


But the thing is, you’re not.


If you want to become big, do whatever it is that you’re good at. Yes. Passion is not something you choose. It chooses you.


And in order to carve your name on that golden plate, you have to do what you do best. And it all don’t just end up right there.


There could be just a thousand more of you. A hundred more who does it better in what you do.


But when you use your passion and make it your career, you will see no reason to give up in times of crisis.



Social media helps you see the world. Use it to channel your passion all over the internet. Let people find you. Be visible and available.


Display your expertise or talent and see how people will discover you.


Post videos on YouTube and share it on Facebook. Expose your lifestyle on Instagram and be natural about it. You can never go wrong by being natural. Share your thoughts on current events with twitter and find your motivation to do more!


Being updated is the key. But moreover, this doesn’t mean you have to keep up with the trend. Be brave enough to make a trend. Think well, but think fast.


The computer world isn’t going anywhere but up.

It is inevitable to ignore that social media has become an essential part of our life.

Over time, people have embraced the changes it has brought to us. It made communication efficient, entertainment became boundless, and news update had never been this fast.


Two of the best things that we are entitled to diving head first into social media is -availability and authority.


As different types of social networks offer us with awesome features which allow us to amplify our contents and boost our visibility, we learned how to interact and keep up with the haste.


So as social media maximizes and expands its scope, why not be a part of it?

Let us not just wait for opportunities, let us create it.

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