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Snapchat is one of the fastest evolving social media today. It is available and convenient to everyone regardless of the age difference. This app is one of the newest trends which everyone is talking about.

Nothing is cooler than publicizing your brand with the help of Snapchat.


Considering that everything in Snapchat is temporary, it gives you almost the same way of interaction in real life. Everything is brand new in every day!

You can take advantage of its 10-second long video and showcase your brand by providing something exciting to keep your followers posted.


Here’s How to make use of Snapchat like a boss!


  1. Product Demos/Updatesmac-snap-selena-2

Consider making a Snapchat story of yourself highlighting the best parts and features of your brand.

Wonder why most add use the words “New” and “Improved”? It’s because people loves the idea of upgrading. It makes them feel ahead and advance. And who doesn’t want that?

Fact: 47% of Snapchat’s adult users are between 18-14 years old



  1. Coupons

images (1)You may send coupons as offers or incentives. But delivering it through Snapchat forces your followers to deliver a call to action which creates excitement and a sense of urgency.

This feature is rather an advantage if the coupon is presented nicely and properly.

Fact: 18% of all US social media users use Snapchat



  1. Generate a Contestsnaochatttt

Start creating your Snapchat story and be the first to do what you have in mind! Free your imaginations and let your fingers do the work. Make use of the Geofilters or buy from On-Demand Geofilters for an event.

Adding drawings and doodles can make your posts/story even more personal and original. Be funny, mysterious, or exaggerated. Be anything but boring.

Tacobell reminds you that you’re never too old or too young to show off your skills!

Fact: 60% of Snapchat users contribute content daily



  1. Promote Events

Snapchat gives you the most advantage by enabling you to advertise your brand to an extensive range of the community.

Create a short and brief video accentuating the details you don’t want your followers to miss.


Fact: 30% of US millennial internet users access Snapchat regularly



  1. VIP Access


Overwhelm your followers by giving them access behind the red curtains. Sharing the making or behind-the-scenes pictures and video clips of your business/brand will strengthen your connection with your followers.


Imparting bits of your private lives will help you build a strong relationship with your audience.

Fact: 54% of Snpachat users use it daily




  1. Do something funnylarge

Make your followers participate in something that doesn’t directly promote your brand. This is still a great way to increase follower engagement and reinforcing the idea that you are a fun company.

Isn’t it great to have something to smile or laugh about?

There’s a lot of ways on how to spell “FUN”. You agree, don’t you? 😀

Fact: Number of Snapchats per day: 400 million

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