What does your Social Network say about you

The internet filled with people having different culture, beliefs, and interest. We can either group them through their difference or similarity. So the question is, what does your Social Network say about you, and how does it correspond to the type of person that you are?   Well, we’re about to figure out.   Twitter – […]


Best social media practices for Christmas

Holidays always give us more opportunities to grow our social media popularity. Every social networking site has their own unique perks and features which help us reach out to more followers and subscribers. By using the best social media practices for Christmas, you can leverage your social media instantly.   YouTube 5-10 minute Christmas jingle Come […]

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How to use Social Media for Business

Nowadays, all business establishments have realized the importance and necessity of using social media for business growth and sustainability. Through active engagement and social listening, brands are able to gather information and make better approaches in reaching out to their audience. With this, social media for business and brands find it easier to establish a connection […]

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Generation Z

If we consider the factors of a population which could potentially affect the growth of our economy, age is one of the first factors that comes into our mind. Every generation represents a different pattern of demand to the market. Care to discover who’s next in line?   Let’s take a sneak peek into the […]


7 Types of Viral YouTube Videos

Did you ever want to record a video and thought of how it’s going to get viral and make you famous? Here’s the deal, I’ll share with you the top 7 types of videos that got popular on YouTube and you try at least 1 and then tell me if I’m right or right.(Well I’m […]

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Why Need Facebook Reactions?

Facebook Reactions have modified the way people respond. It allowed us to use exact expressions to a certain content. This latest feature is said to be Facebook’s game changer.   Why Need Facebook Reactions? Does anybody really like to give something and have nothing in return? Say, when you tell someone a secret, you would […]


Types of people who’ll never shine on Social media

What does it take to have leverage in the computer world? To shine on Social Media, a person is required to be creative and determined to be unique. Social media can make you a celebrity. That’s quite true and quite not. Here’s a list of what you should not be doing if you’re pretty serious […]


Why Pokemon Go is HOT HOT HOT!

Well, who would have thought catching creatures would be this fun!? I personally haven’t watched all the episodes of this game in my childhood years, BUT the extreme popularity of the game just proved how people embraced and supported this trend.   The journey of Pokémon   The creation of a Pokémon  started simply as […]


How to Outsmart an Average Instagrammer

To be honest, Instagram is my favorite app. It’s so classy and handy. You can almost do everything in it just like the rest of the social media networks. The arrangement of the features is so neat and convenient. Whether your pictures sum up to a thousand and more, it will not look crowded.   Data […]

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6 Best Things to Do with Snapchat

Snapchat is one of the fastest evolving social media today. It is available and convenient to everyone regardless of the age difference. This app is one of the newest trends which everyone is talking about. Nothing is cooler than publicizing your brand with the help of Snapchat.   Considering that everything in Snapchat is temporary, it gives […]