What is the Best Way of Getting Views on YouTube

What is the Best Way of Getting Views on YouTube?

What is the Best Way of Getting Views on YouTube?  If you want to know the best way to get more YouTube views, you should step up your game and use the most practical strategies to boost your channel without wasting your time and resources. In platforms like YouTube, you’re going to be placed in an […]

Revenues in Old Youtube Video

Can I Get Revenue from Old YouTube Views?

Can I Get Revenue from Old YouTube Views? I haven’t uploaded a new video on my Youtube Channel, would I still get revenue? This is one of those age-old questions that a lot of YouTube content curators can’t still seem to clarify. Although YouTube’s partnership program allows some individuals to monetize their videos and even […]

BTC Payment Method in BRM

Buy Real Marketing Now Accepts BTC Payment Method

Buy Real Marketing (BRM), a premier provider of social media services has begun to accept Bitcoin or known as BTC Payment method the most widely utilized digital currency in the world, as their mode of payment for BRM services. The service provider strongly believes that this transitioning to BTC payment method is a positive move as […]

Increase youtube views

How Can I Increase YouTube Views?

You can increase YouTube views for your videos by implementing the right tricks and tactics. However, if you just can’t seem to improve the metrics significantly, it can mean you’re employing the wrong techniques. To increase your YouTube views, you need to keep the following in mind: How to Boost YouTube Views Optimize your video […]

Benefits of YouTube Views

What Are the Benefits of YouTube Views?

If you are into uploading and sharing videos, you should know about the benefits of YouTube views. Today, purchasing views is not new anymore. Many are following this tactic as this is considered as one of the most efficient ways to endorse your videos, especially when you share a high-quality and great content. If you […]

Why are Marketers Crazy about Buying Facebook Likes?

Why are Marketers Crazy about Buying Facebook Likes?

It’s no secret that Facebook Likes are an indicator of a good online presence. A page that has tons of likes tend to become more visible on the user’s newsfeed. Moreover, it also encourages other users to like that page and share it with their network of friends. With all the rage about buying Facebook […]

How to make a YouTube video go viral

How to make YouTube video go viral

Just like the rest of the vloggers and other people out there, you too are wondering what elements do they need to supply to make your YouTube video go viral. Have you read about which types of videos get viral? Here are 7 Types of Viral YouTube Videos to give you an idea which one you […]

Advertise a YouTube Channel

How to advertise a YouTube channel

In every minute, about 300 hours of YouTube videos are uploaded on the internet. So if that’s the deal, you might be wondering if it’s still possible to get noticed and advertise your YouTube channel. Well, if this bothers you, know that you are not alone. No matter how difficult the competition is when it […]

Instagram Followers | Buy Real Marketing

5 Ways to Get Instagram Followers in 2017

One of the most asked question on Social Media today is “How to Get Instagram Followers” and “How to Increase Instagram Followers.” Unless you’re a celebrity, acquiring fans and followers happen naturally. However, by learning to implement the right practices on Instagram, you can potentially increase your following in no time.   Check out these […]

YouTube Update | Buy Real Markeing

Tools to Help Publishers on YouTube Moderate Comments

Whenever we post something on YouTube, our default basis for engagement from our viewers are the comments, likes, and shares. Most likely, part of a user’s intent of uploading a video is to make the video go viral. Check out 7 Types of Videos that Gets Viral on YouTube. However, for some social media users, […]