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Considering Twitter, Facebook or Instagram’s popularity is already universal; some still do not know how to grow their followers organically. Some might find the idea daunting, but this article will teach you on how to get your first 100 followers smoothly.

So, we’ll cut to the chase and make this post short and sweet.



Get 100 Followers on Each of These Social Media Platforms


1. Twitter
What always comes first is setting up your profile correctly using accurate information. The basic steps include setting up your profile picture, make sure to include your short and brief biography to say something about yourself, and website links which you find essential.


Alternatively, the tool which is highly recommended by many is Crowdfire. It is a tool for people who wants engagement especially in Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Give it a try and see how if it works for you.




Before you get started, you’ll also want to make sure that the number of your follower ratio is relatively even with the number of the people you are following. This is purely what a visual play looks like that many other Twitter users take into consideration when checking out your profile.


Cases are if people notice that you follow a ton of people who are not following you back, it’s an indication to others that you’re not worth following (oops, I’m pretty sure you don’t want that). This might be a quite difficult thing to admit, but it’s the reality. So let’s pay attention to the details that matter.



hero-influx-ebook2. Instagram
No different from the other social media profiles you create; you’ll need to make sure your Instagram profile is set up correctly before you engage in growing your following. Also, for you to look official, try to post a minimum of nine photos to show others you are official.


Once you’re setup, you can sign up for a free 5-day trial of Influx to grow your following. Influx finds users with similar interests to yours to help increase your followers.




3. Facebook
And again, always be reminded of the basics. Set up your profile correctly and accordingly using accurate and updated information. However, unlike Twitter and Instagram, you won’t be using an outside app to grow your Facebook following. The best way to do this is to determine your target audience and promote your page.


Growing your followers via targeted ads is another story. The best thing about setting up ads on Facebook is that it allows you to select who your ads are shown to and set a budget of your choice. $50, for example, will easily get you to 100 followers if you run a clever ad that’s well targeted.


You can also share your Page with your current friends via your personal profile. Invite them to like your Page, and ask close friends to share your page on their wall. Soon enough, you will notice that a few shares can add up to a lot of new fans – though worth noting that if those friends don’t engage aren’t interested in your content, they can potentially your organic reach (by not engaging with your updates).


There are a few ways to drive people to your page or profile and gain followers in an instant. However, we are currently in a world with fast-paced social media. There is no harm in trying, but you can outsmart the problem by learning from other people’s experience.


Keep your social media fun and informative and let your followers increase gradually from time to time.



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