Instagram Growth Tips! More Followers

With 800,000 million users now using Instagram, it has grown increasingly challenging for a person to gain more Instagram followers. Depending on whether a person is using their account for business or personal reasons, aiming for Instagram growth means one must make concentrated effort to achieve success.

The aim is for a user to be able to engage with others on the same platform and motivate them to follow their account.

There’s no easy way to earn legitimate followers on Instagram, and there is no real reward for getting an artificial boost – like bots or fake followers – in follower count.

To attract real Instagram users, one must create powerful or meaningful content to target their ideal audience. One can also rely on specific strategies to catch the eye of Instagram users.

6 Ways to Gain More Instagram Followers

  1. Branding
    Whether a person is using their Instagram account for business or personal use, the content they post will be a representation of who they are. It helps a great deal if one sticks to a certain topic or look to attract Instagram users. It could be as simple as sticking to one colour theme. The consistency of posts helps in letting people know what they can expect from an Instagram account.
  2. Schedule Posts
    There are many apps one can use to help in scheduling Instagram posts if they are not available to do it at a certain time. According to an article by Tailwind, posting every day can help gain followers four times faster than posting irregularly. Know your target audiences. Some are more active during work hours while others are more active at certain times at night.
  3. Creative Captions
    Always say the important things first because Instagram feed will only showcase the first few lines of text in a post. The content doesn’t have to be long, but a well-crafted caption attracts people to stay and read more.
  4. Call to Action
    A good strategy is to include a question in a post’s caption. Another would be to give out a challenge that they could treat as a game. Anything that will encourage a passerby to interact with an Instagram account would be ideal for Instagram growth.
  5. Hashtags
    Using as many hashtags in a post is a myth. If people are inundated with too many #hashtags, they would more than likely avoid checking more from the same user. Check what’s trending that would fit best for the post. It is also encouraged to create personal hashtags to help people identify posts with their owners. BRM followers
  6. Use Instagram Stories
    Instagram stories are a window to the user’s world, and visuals are always more compelling when they tell a story. Consistently posting on Instagram Stories will help gain more Instagram followers due to the exposure it brings to the account. It also makes people feel more connected to an Instagram user because they feel a more personal connection in this way.

These six simple steps are not very complicated, but they show that if one wants a solid number of followers, one must put in the effort to get them. Due to the simplicity of the platform, posts in Instagram garner more engagement than other social media sites.

In that regard, putting in a little bit more effort allows for a wider range of audience and steady Instagram growth.

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