Is It Worthwhile Buying Twitter Followers

Itching to tell a story and wishing that many Twitter followers would see it? Wanting to express your thoughts and hoping that many other people would react? Thinking of buying twitter followers but not sure where? Struggling if it’s worth it or not? Learn it here!

On Twitter, you can write about anything that you wish to share – from your daily experiences to your most random thoughts to even song lyrics – and have a virtual “audience” who will know about it. But what exactly does it mean to have followers?


What is Twitter and how much do Twitter followers matter?

Twitter has been a social network of expression and stories since 2006, and as the site progresses, Twitter followers have been the root of one’s self-esteem or marketing strategy in the duration of their existence in the platform.

From teenagers to businesses, the number of followers is an essential factor in determining the volume of who reads your posts and sees your stories.

Although some Twitter users don’t mind how many followers they get, most users rely on this count to evaluate their online presence and note the kinds of people who see their content.

Where do I “buy” Twitter followers and how much does it cost?

Twitter offers a followers campaign where you can endorse your account and increase the number of followers. There will be different ways for Twitter to promote your accounts, such as ads that appear in the users’ timelines, your profile that becomes suggested or seems on Twitter search results, or parts of a tweet that mentioned that your account promotes it.

Growing a followers campaign is usually done by businesses who want to improve their exposure to the online community and possibly further develop their business in the process.

When planning on buying twitter followers, you should first know the kind of market that you want to have on your follower’s list.

Do you write teenage advice and aim to share it with the youth? Do you sell camera products and strive to share it with aspiring photographers?

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Knowing your target audience does not only allow you to narrow down the content you have to make but also gives you a broader idea on how to promote your content and plan your budget in making your followers campaign.

The rate for gaining each follower is auction-based and depends on the bid that you select when setting up your campaign. A second price auction determines it among other promoters.

Means that you’ll only have to pay a little bit more than the next highest bidder. Moreover, you have to make sure that the amount that you spend per follower is according to your budget. Twitter recommends a bid of $2.50 to $3.50 based on previous statistics.

Do I need that amount of followers?

The answer to this question depends on what kind of account you’re going to have.

Is it a personal account where you’ll share a vague thought on what happened to you today, or is it a business account where you’ll share the upcoming event to launch your new product?

Since the follower’s campaign enhances the growth of your profile, it is best to be practical and consider the pros and cons – both financially and virtually – when doing so.

Consider the budget that you’ll have to set and the exposure that you’ll be getting once you get the followers that you paid.

Twitter users who decide to follow your account without you needing to pay for their following is a sign that they choose to show their interest in what you say.

On the other hand, Twitter users who follow you based on the campaign is an influence on the effectiveness of Twitter ads and your purchase.

In this case, the ideal types of accounts that would pursue the campaign would be businesses and organizations trying to promote their products and advocacies.

Users of personal accounts are advised to earn their Twitter followers by expressing themselves freely and seeing how far their thoughts would go from fellow users’ retweets and replies. It is best to think practically about how we want to grow our social media presence and consider how we would want to earn that kind of exposure.

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