YouTube Channel Vs. Blog

At this time of the fourth industrial revolution, social media marketing is being challenged in assessing YouTube channel vs. blogHow our lives today are revolving around the world of internet and data connectivity is unstoppable.

People of all ages are left with no choice but to evolve with what has been trending online. Otherwise, they will be tagged as ancient citizens.  

Each has its advantages in reaching out to the subscribers effectively, but which one really has a faster growth rate in attracting subscribers? Here’s a deliberate explanation for such.

Why YouTube channel wins it?

As young as two years old, people can already have the basic knowledge of using technological advances. YouTube is one reason why children easily get attracted to what the internet can do. There is no doubt why social media marketers grow YouTube subscribers fast. For one, it’s because of the speedy information, and for another reason, YouTube is more interactive and appealing.


  • Speedy Information

fast informationOn YouTube, people need not read a long way to look for information, figure out solutions on some of our lives’ whereabouts, or simply get entertained. Added to this is the way one video is presented along with other related videos that will want one to view for more or be a subscriber. 

  • More appealing

More appealing

The featured images of the videos readily attract potential subscribers and much more are the videos themselves. Although there are times when a video appears to be too dragging, many will still listen and watch them than reading the details.

How can blogs can win it anyway?

Even if YouTube can attract more viewers and subscribers, this did not stop marketers to make use of blogs.

There is no limit to human’s creativity and so, most popular blogs remain on top because of the following techniques of weaving the information altogether for it to become more attractive to the readers:

Blog wins

  • A catchy title is definitely the road to a successful blog view. Some would leave hanging questions or unfinished lines for viewers to click and read on.
  • Doing the KISS (keeping it short and simple) to directly state the points is very important. Getting a reader click your site is a good thing but making them want to stay and browse for more is what bloggers really want to happen.
  • As bloggers observe how other successful marketers grow YouTube subscribers to sell more, they use this trend to make their own blogs succeed as well. This is often done by integrating the same videos or attractive screenshots of the videos into their content.

As we see it, both blog and YouTube are useful. Thus, the question is basically not about which medium, YouTube channel vs. blog, could best promote your product or service.

At the end of the day, it’s all about how you optimize these to make a high-quality content that would satisfy your target customers.


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