Holidays always give us more opportunities to grow our social media popularity. Every social networking site has their own unique perks and features which help us reach out to more followers and subscribers. By using the best social media practices for Christmas, you can leverage your social media instantly.


YouTube 5-10 minute Christmas jingle

  1. Come up with a fresh and fun concept which suits your personality or portray a character which you have never done before. Doing things for the first time promotes excitement and curiosity to your audience.
  2. Invite friends to participate in your jingle so they can help you gain more views.
  3. Compose a Christmas jingle. Not everyone will find this step easy, but composing a Christmas song for the first time should not stress you out! Most Christmas songs have many things in common, and it’s okay to use similar ideas as well.
  4. Actually, you can use a familiar beat and change the lyrics with what you have composed (you can talk about how your aunt stopped giving you presents after you reached the 8th grade. haha), or you can stick to a famous Christmas lyrics and use a popular beat and patch them together.
  5. Incorporate your jingle with some simple choreography and from amateur, you can look like a professional really quick!



Instagram Christmas themed gallery

  1. Use InstaChristmas frames, stickers, and filters to add joy and drama to your photos. Instagram Christmas frames are usually limited edition. These includes new tools (text controls) and new fun Christmas fonts made only for the holiday season.
  2.  Take advantage of InstaGrid to elaborate your most special photos during the holiday. Not only it’s easy and creative, but it allows you to create a story in your gallery.
  3. Share pictures and short clips in your InstaStories to update everyone in your holiday adventures. If you’re playful enough, people are going to visit your gallery out of curiosity or interest, so nail it!


Twitter #ChristmasHashtag

  1. Come up with a catchy Christmas hashtag to bring people together. Creating a hashtag that would stand out can sometimes be difficult, but truth is, every hashtag requires a participation of the many in order for it to be on top of the trend.
  2. For the holiday season, you can try searching for the “best hashtags for Christmas” to see what types of hashtags were proven popular. Only pick what you think is best and optimize it for this year’s Christmas perk.
  3. Use topics which are fun but still relevant with the Christmas season, like reminiscing funny Christmas moments perhaps!


Christmas season is about sharing treasured moments and channeling positivity. Start it with your family and friends!

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